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CSP Archives: Essays by Carrie Boberg
Most Recent Essay by Carrie Boberg
Summertime - a CSP Mix Summertime - a CSP Mix

The CSP staff present an eclectic mix of their favorite songs about summer time. [more...]
Dear Mac | June 28, 2006
Revolutionary - a CSP Mix | April 27, 2006
Live in Love - a CSP Mix | February 09, 2006
Brokeback Mountain, a Review | January 26, 2006
Happy Holidays - a CSP Mix | December 15, 2005
An Anniversary | October 04, 2005
Travelogue, Supposedly | September 08, 2005
Carrie Boberg's Bio
Carrie Boberg Portrait She cooks! She bakes! She Knits! She acts! She produces and edits independent films! Carrie met David in the BFA acting program at the University of Minnesota in Duluth. She recently quit her soul-sucking day job to work full time as an independent filmmaker with her own production company, 4 Track Films. She also is enjoying being a newlywed, making various arts & crafts, hiking the beautiful North Shore of Lake Superior, attempting to grow vegetables in her garden writing on her blog and trying to keep up with her ever-growing queue of movies on Netflix & her excel organized reading list. She lives in Duluth with her fabulous & supportive husband Steve and their time-consuming felines, Beavis. They are expecting their first child in January.
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