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CSP Archives: Essays by Chad Schnaible
Most Recent Essay by Chad Schnaible
Song to Bob Song to Bob

Despite an aversion to poetry, Chad explains his love for Bob in Dylan's native language. [more...]
The Sweeper Knows the Time | September 24, 2007
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Motormortality | December 01, 2005
In Memoriam: John R. Cash | September 19, 2003
Biometric Scanning and Civil Rights, Part 1 | December 03, 2001
Gerbils Are Our Friends | November 19, 2001
Chad Schnaible's Bio
Chad Schnaible Portrait Chad is a writer, director, finagler, prestidigitator, and amateur Lewis & Clark historian who hangs his hat in Sherman Oaks. He's the founder and editor-in-chief of CSP, and a founding producer of the acclaimed Lucid by Proxy theater company (oh, wait, that's David). When not presidigitating, Chad likes to play poker. Really likes to play poker. Seriously, anyone know the number to Gamblers Anonymous? Chad lives with his beautiful actress wife, who dragged him first to Missifrickinssippi, then to the Los Angeles area. He also rooms with three cats and a rabbit. That damn rabbit is always late with the rent. We need to have a house meeting.
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