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CSP Archives: Essays by Dustin Hansen
Most Recent Essay by Dustin Hansen
Long Live the Surge! Long Live the Surge!

The surge is a resounding success! That is, unless you really, truly look at the numbers. [more...]
God’s Tough Love | September 12, 2005
Over There | August 18, 2005
Dustin Hansen's Bio
Dustin Hansen Portrait Dustin has been a successful Washington Lobbyist for over thirty years. In 1982 he sold three of his houses in order to found the non-profit group Evangelicals for Vigilance, Integrity, and Liberty. He has served as ambassador to Uzbekistan (under Ronald Reagan), Chief Public Affairs Correspondent for Souls Anchored to Divinity TV, Senior Vice President of Christians United for our Nation's Takeback, and is the founder and CEO of Gun Owners for Dominionism. A frequent guest on many A.M. radio talk shows, his work has appeared in such prestigious publications as the Foundation for American Christian Education (, the Washington Times, the New York Post, and the Wall Street Journal.
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