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CSP Archives: Essays by Kari Larson
Most Recent Essay by Kari Larson
Hangin' Tough Hangin' Tough

Three reactions from the CSP team to the rumored New Kids on the Block reunion tour. [more...]
Happy Birthday, Bram | November 27, 2007
After Catastrophe | September 19, 2007
She Said There is Hope | July 13, 2006
Target, the Interview & the 81 Fish | May 02, 2006
Revolutionary - a CSP Mix | April 27, 2006
Live in Love - a CSP Mix | February 09, 2006
Harry Potter: Kind of Hot (Confessions of a Dirty Old Lady) | December 29, 2005
Happy Holidays - a CSP Mix | December 15, 2005
Paint Gets in My Eyes | September 28, 2005
Kari Larson's Bio
Kari Larson Portrait Kari is one of the many on CSP to have fled North Dakota for greener (or, less frozen) pastures and now resides in Minneapolis with her daughter, Abbey and husband, Dustin. She spends her time working as a Design Editor for a community newspaper (read: suburban) chain, watching movies, maintaining her blog and stalking Trent Reznor (isn't a restraining order just a really official love letter?).
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