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Michelle’s Reasons Why Not
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Why Not to Watch Emily's Reasons Why Not Mondays on ABC

  1. Heather Graham (Emily) is miscast as a normal woman with dating woes.
  2. Nadia Dajani's (Reilly) voice makes me want to whack her on the back a few times so that she can get it all out.
  3. Every sitcom doesn't need a queeny gay character.
  4. Is it set in Los Angeles or isn't it?
  5. A woman doesn't need to come up with five reasons not to date a guy. One is enough and it doesn't even matter what it is. And on that note, you only need one reason not to watch this show: it isn't funny.

Why Not to Regard My Opinion about Emily's Reasons Why Not

  1. You have undeniable lust for Heather Graham.
  2. Khary Payton (the queeny gay) is your brother.
  3. You hate me and will only do the opposite of what I say.
  4. Your broke-down TV only gets one channel.
  5. You have a common form of auditory psychosis, in which the sound of a laugh track makes you believe that what you heard was actually funny. (To quickly test if you have it, answer this: Do you also like Reba?)
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By day, Michelle is an upstanding businesswoman and new mom. By night, she saves the world from peevishness and botheration at the Peevery. In her spare time, she writes what she knows and tries to show, not tell. | more essays by Michelle
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