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Paparazzi Party IV
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The CSATFCWB rumor mill is rolling once again at full-bore. The scuttlebutt this time around is that the boys may be drumming up corporate interest in supporting a reunion tour. We've payed top-dollar for some premium paparazzi pics of the boys hanging with the kind of high-powered hollywood celebrity muscle that can spark that serious corporate interest. Who knows? Perhaps the next tour will be sponsored by Compaq, Coors Brewing, or even Raid Ant Baits!

Here's the fourth of our very expensive pics, featuring Chris partying down with the coolest of the Hollyewood cool: the supporting cast from "Magnum, PI," bought directly from the lowest of paparazzi scum:

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Chris Nett Portrait Chris decided to return and tough it out in the frozen tundra that is North Dakota, after a brief post-college stint in the Minneapolis dot-com scene. He's a network operations engineer (read: geek) for a regional telephone cooperative. He wants it noted that, standing next to him (but cropped-out) in his photo (left) is Joss Whedon. Joss Frickin' Whedon! Chris lives with his beatiful wife, Desiree, and their cats, Buttercup and Nemo, in excited anticipation of the arrival of his new baby and his new pre-fab house, both due October-ish. | more essays by Chris
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