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The CSATFCWB Story, Chapter 1
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While wildly popular in Canada's Northwest Territories, Until We Get Kicked Out Of This Town Again: The Clark Schpiell and the Furry Cockroaches Without Butts Story, never really took off in the US, despite the numerous gigs the band played in the Science-Fiction section of the Waldenbooks at which David worked.

What follows is an exerpt from the first chapter of that book, titled "Origins." Enjoy.

ORIGINS: how the band began

The first incarnation of CSATFCWB was born in 1978 in the way of a small skiffle band called The Quarrymen, formed by brothers Big J and Little J in their hometown of De Smet, South Dakota, a few years before they met the other future CSATFCWB members. After realizing that they didn't know what skiffle or even quarrymen were, the group disbanded, but they immediately began looking around for other projects.

Unfortunately, De Smet was not a musical hotbed, and they had a hard time finding anyone else to join their band, and would not simply play together. "I didn't want to be in a duo like those faggy Everly Brothers," Big J said of that early period.

While their jointly-written anthem I Love the World was a big hit with their cat, individual compositions like Big J's Show Me (the Module) and Little J's Oh Carpet, My Carpet did not really hint that they were destined for greatness.

end of essay
Joseph G. Carson Portrait Joe was the original guitarist for the now legendary Clark Schpiell and the Furry Cockroaches without Butts, playing two chords in a four-chord song under the assumed name of Jason, which he has taken to be a metaphor for his existence (the two chords part, not the Jason part). He has contributed several long pieces to CSP, including the crime novels Danine and Inheriting Dust, the latter of which is still in progress. He has also written the occasional humor piece, movie review, and political essay. | more essays by Joseph
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