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The Mothman is Just Checking In
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The time is on us everyone to hear mothman once the more. I am mothman, and I had left!

I had left during some years, because I had crossed the deserts in the proximity of the sumps. I continued to go, where mothman never went before! I date your daughters. Once in breeding we placed the eggs in a line under the foliages of the leaves and the compost. Now we will place the eggs in a line under Camaro! Very soon! Hectar hectar hectar!

On my journeys I see many things. I find the silence, which is the song of the mothman, but I find likewise the wind, which is the song of the woman of the ant. You see? She is very small, less than unfurling tight proboscis, and it is ant on the end and the woman on the front; as the horse woman, but the ant instead of the horse. You see!

Woman of the ant examines the lives of the ant in hole with other ant. Once  she regards the young human man and receives the dear feeling in the heart. I proclaim "Regard this young human man not, it has the sallow cheek and the bad posture and does not attain the breeding capacity, plus he is cub scout like small animal and repulses exaggeratedly."

But the ant woman requests mothman to perform the conversion, of herself into the young human female cub scout, and sheds tears mothman!  Is young human man more sensitive/comely than mothman? Woman of the ant is so pure in the heart more than young human man, as mothman. Why? Why does the ant woman repulse mothman? Why? I sob on the carpet of the office. I singing sadness of mothmen, the sadness plumb bobs. You do not know.  It is not for you.  Holy vapor flames! I write depressed songs, which are doomed, on the synthesator by Casio.

Now I am returned from journeys to remind!   Prepare for your end. Once I pour the drinks of tea on your sandals.  Now I revise plans, in order to advance.  Strike mothmen!

A Mothman

end of essay
Eli is a writer/artist/animator/musician who met David during the LbP production of Jack Cracker, Viking Slave Detective, which he co-wrote. Eli has written several plays, his own internet radio series (Robot High School), Monsieur Gustave, and fronts the killer band the Monolators. It is important to note that his wife, Mary, is far more likable and talented than Eli, but she had better things to do with her time, so we settled for him. | more essays by Eli
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