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Wild Children Of Wolf Go To Country, Chapter 1
by Eli Chartkoff | Jun 03, 2008

Listen, all you stupid idiots people who sit now on your buttocks of hips of flesh and read this book! Prepare, you, with an experience of the arts literary, who is uppermostly higher than all than you saw heard before! Strive! Induce! Forwards, Authoring!

You know history of what I am on the point of saying it? You do not! Thus it is time for silence around and you must rest in position of supination to receive! They are histories which should be of your own knowing, the words which will alleviate your daughters, the words which will make your wives mix the mustard seed with the millet and will prepare the feasting and the sacrifice of the races of the conquered warrior! Soon, on listening! To these! The closets of your daughters will be inflated with the woolens hats jackets of most luxurious fur coats. Soon your wives will laugh at your weak moustache and beige trousers and will request for the liquid tube proboscis of another author glorious, who writes this book in this moment, this moment even! Soon!

Why do you read these words? You will not include/understand. Why? Since you are unsatisfactory in the formation of the thoughts of brain! You seek knowledge but you find the pile of the sticks! Use the sticks on your small head, instead of the small hats, which you deserve! Your daughters are in my Camaro and are inflated soon with the millet in their colon hectar hectar hectar!

Oh no! Which is this noise? Noise of fear! Approaches Sump Bats! Piercing cry! I must finish the chapter of writing now and to run you save run yourselves! Run!