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CSP Archives: Essays by Craig Bridger
Most Recent Essay by Craig Bridger
Eulogizing Vonnegut Eulogizing Vonnegut

We loved Vonnegut, but on 4/12 our voices caught in our throats. At last, Craig found his. [more...]
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Craig Bridger's Bio
Craig Bridger Portrait Craig Bridger is a writer and an actor based in Brooklyn, New York. His freelance credits include The New York Times and The New York Observer. His first book, Surviving Groomzilla: A Bride's Guide, will be published by Citadel Press in 2008. Also, when he was in the 8th grade, his Christmas story Santa Claus? Who's He? took second place in a local competition and was published in an area newspaper. From that experience, he coined a professional motto: "Craig Bridger - Better Than Most 8th Graders." CSP will always be the first website to ever look at something Craig wrote and say "Sure, we'll publish this for no money." And for that, he'll always be grateful. He lives with his beautiful wife, Tara, and the world's coolest cat, Scout.
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